The Hockey Community

Connecting the hockey world.

The Hockey Community

The Hockey Community serves to connect like-minded hockey people, to share knowledge, ideas and inspire each other.

Register now (free), get in touch with hockey people from all over the world, join workshops and improve your game.

Our commitment

The Hockey Community will always be free to join and we will strive to make the best free hockey content available in this community.

Our mission

To provide high level content covering all areas of hockey by partnering with specialist leaders in the industry.

Our vision

To create great value for community members and creators. 

For members this value is created by: 

  • Connecting them to a world-wide hockey network
  • Making free content available
  • Facilitating community catch-ups 
  • Providing access to top level, premium content

For creators this value is created by:

  • Connecting them with community members
  • Giving their content a value by offering it for a premium

All creators in The Hockey Community are committed to sharing to the open community and will trickle their content from premium to free.

This means that when you support creators premium content you are supporting the in-depth thinking about our sport and creation of content which will then trickle down to the free community. 

So you are supporting the whole Hockey Community and others who might not be in as fortunate a position as yourself - now that is sharing!

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